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At Riverside Medical Center, we help navigate through comprehensive personalized medical care with you as the captain. We provide diagnostic and preventative medical services emphasizing the importance of empowering the patient to heal themselves with our guidance. Autonomy is important in medical care and we encourage patients to actively pursue a healthy lifestyle.

We do our best to keep you out of the hospital and leading a healthy productive life. With well qualified, friendly staff and certified medical assistance, you are not alone in your search for health. Responsibility for your health goes beyond just checking your eyes and ears, listening to your heart and lungs, checking reflexes and range of motion. We follow mental health and perform risk assessments. We find out how we can help you help yourself.

Services That We Offer

We understand that many are on a budget and that medical expenses can mount, so do our best to keep costs to a minimum. We offer samples of medications as well as vouchers that offset copays. In the interest of considering your finances, we offer patient assistance programs for trade name medications and attempt generic approaches first if appropriate. We also accept patients without insurance to whom we offer self pay rates.

We want to inspire you to live healthy, be healthy and stay healthy. As a part of the Riverside Medical Center Internal Medicine family, we prioritize your health empowering you to be well as independent of the healthcare system as possible.

Urgent Care

If you are sick, we can help you feel better as well as get better. We offer services including but not limited to nebulizer therapy with pulmonary function test and exertional pulse ox to determine if you need portable oxygen. Injections of antibiotics and steroids available on site can help treat pneumonia or bronchitis. ECG, Holter and event monitors can help determine if you have an arrythmia. Glucometer and pulse oximetry checks help evaluate blood sugar and oxygenation impairment.

Preventative Health Services

Preventative services we offer include well woman exams including PAP smears, breast exams, mammogram and bone density requests as well as full physical exams with screening for blood in the stool. Getting routine colonoscopies after 50 to screen for colon cancer or earlier with a family history is encouraged and we have excellent gastroenterological physicians with whom we network. Evaluating vision and checking for increased ocular pressure or glaucoma are important screening modalities we offer. Especially for Floridians, we perform full dermatological assessments to screen for suspicious lesions which we can remove. Flu vaccines and pneumonia shots are available as well.

Complex Chronic Illnesses

Chronic illnesses such as low back pain, diabetes, hypertension or heart disease are closely managed with bloodwork, visualization studies and physical assessments. We offer services such as diabetic education and physical therapy. If you have more complex chronic conditions such as chronic Lyme disease, autoimmune disease or fibromyalgia, we have successfully treated even the most severe cases. We offer alternative as well as traditional remedies including testing hair and urine for environmental toxins.

Integrative Pain Management

For pain, we offer several interventions such as injections of steroids into joints or to treat sciatica, bursitis and tendinitis. Trigger point injections are effective for neck, back and fibromyalgic pain, as well as holistic prolotherapy injections proven to be as effective as steroid injections 70% of the time, but without the complications. Sterile dry needling is another means of intervention offered and preferred by many, especially when suffering from fibromyalgia.We offer laser treatment with a cold K-laser which through bioelectrical modulation reduces inflammation without side effects common to more interventional treatment.

Diagnostic Evaluations

Comprehensive laboratory evaluations include nutritional assessment as well as genetic analysis for risks of heart disease, stroke and atrial fibrillation are available. You may also be a candidate for genetic assessments of how medications are metabolized which helps personalize your medical experience. Hormone imbalances are more common than many realize and we offer bioidentical hormone replacement as well as holistic and traditional hormone replacement. Both saliva testing and blood serum testing is available to monitor levels.

Sleep Optimization

Sleep apnea is often missed so we screen with a nocturnal pulse ox to determine if you are a candidate for a home or split sleep study that may prevent you from having to see a sleep specialist and from having to go to a sleep lab twice instead of just a cost effective once. Oxygen can be set up in the interim while setting up further evaluation if indicated. We offer the opportunity to explore different types of earlier sleep apnea interventions such as a silicone mouthpiece or equipment for position adjustment with subsequent testing to avoid CPAP. We even let you check out nasal pillows, nasal masks or full face masks that one may encounter at a sleep study, which allows you to have the one you want when you get there rather than just the one they want you to try.

Healthy Lifestyle Modifications

We also encourage relaxation and offer a stretch station including inversion table, roller traction table, foam roller, cervical traction and exercise ball. We encourage patients and their families to use the zen relaxation room for meditation with dry hydro jet massage table, fountain, essential oil diffuser by the couch in the bay window. We encourage gardening using tower gardens to provide oneself the ability to eat organically on a budget. We encourage juicing and blending smoothies as a great way to start eating healthy with a plant based diet. Holistic approaches are open for discussion and we can offer guidance as they are often better than many big pharma choices.

Weight Loss Counseling

We have great success with medically supervised weight loss with and without the use of stimulants. We offer nutritional supplements as well as weekly nutritional counseling, review of diet and exercise log and lipotrophic injections of vitamin B complex. We provide a variety of equipment such as recumbent bike, core stabilizer and treadmill that you can choose from while watching Netflicks on a big screen TV. The vibratherapy machine is excellent for macro-circulation. It has been shown in studies to be 6 times more effective for weight loss than walking on a treadmill. So 10 minutes of vibratherapy is the same as 60 min on a treadmill and can be done in combination with weight training also provided.

Vascular Health

Treatment with Pulse EMF or Electro Magnetic Frequency is a therapeutic modality we offer to improve energy and vitality. It is pEMF by Bemer and exclusively used in the NASA space suits to improve microcirculation in space. It can be targeted to one area in pain such as a knee or wrist as well as generalized to a larger surface area such as the entire spine. Some use it for facials. During use, many people feel the vessels actually open up as the blood flows dynamically through previously sluggish vessels.

Personal Injury

We take car insurances for personal injury claims after a motor vehicle accident. We can offer physical therapy services as well as medical management and injections to help you feel better and stronger. With appropriate documentation and visualization studies, we work well with personal injury attorneys and know how to help you with your case.

Addiction Management

Addiction support and therapies are available including counseling and non-controlled medications as well as Suboxone to help keep patients off illicit or controlled substances that can dominate ones existence. We treat the patient as a whole incorporating support dynamics.

Drug Screening

Drug testing is done on site for pre-employment screenings and for medication management. Some parents also prefer to discreetly drug test their children with drug wipes, which can be made available. As an MRO, or Medical Review Officer, Dr. Miley has been trained and certified to oversee labs for drug testing.

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We care about how you are doing, what you are doing as well as why you are doing it. Giving you the opportunities that other medical offices may not.

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Dr. Janet Miley graduated USF with honors, a double major BS Biology and BA Psychology with research in Neuroscience. She received her Medical Degree from University of Miami School of Medicine and has trained at premiere institutes including Johns Hopkins, Harvard's Mass General, Mayo Clinic, Mt. Sinai, University Medical Center, Greater Baltimore, Jackson Memorial and helped develop the first electronic health record at the Miami VA. She is a third generation private practitioner with her grandfather, a Yale alum, pioneering research in blood irradiation as the first allopathic physician in homeopathic university Hanneman. Her dad remembers being cured of the common cold in his dad's lab, but big pharma never let that get out. She shares a holistic approach with both her grandfather and her father, a physician who also trained at University of Miami's Jackson Memorial. His practice had a motto of "you rest, you rust" incorporating the tried and true balance of exercise, diet and relaxation as the focus of how to live healthy.

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We want to inspire you to live healthy, be healthy and stay healthy. As a part of the Riverside Medical Center Internal Medicine family, we prioritize your health empowering you to be well as independent of the healthcare system as possible.

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